• Up front payment on parks
  • From family to corporate, Hotel room billing
  • UK wide
  • Easy payment ° phone ° PC ° tablet
  • Student accommodation
  • Choose payment amount
  • Power on the water
  • Supply ° Installation ° Service
  • wowslider.net
  • Social housing - PAYG budgeting for tenants
Up front payment on parks1 From family to corporate, Hotel room billing2 UK wide3 Easy payment ° phone ° PC ° tablet4 Student accommodation5 Choose payment amount6 Power on the water7 Supply ° Installation ° Service 8 Make spare rooms more viable9 Social housing - PAYG budgeting for tenants10














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Energy awareness

Imetering alerts LL to SCAM

Automate for tenants

Should have gone to Buylec !

Energy costs to soar on pound

No control leaves 4k vacancy loss

STOP thief !

Reduced transaction costs

Meter had been bypassed

A case study

Energy security in small packets

Business savings

Failed to monitor power

Would you pay this ?

Sub-metering costs

Shared HMO harmony

Chronology - the benefits !

Do they grow DRUGS?

Difficult tenant


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