Tech stuff:

Functions free of network fees by using your in-house WiFi, or internet connection, alternatively the GSM network is used to collate consumption data.

The system in standard form handles up to 120 amps. You as the administrator have control over Kwh pricing including any additional charges you may wish to apply such as a 'standing charge'. You simply adjust the database & the tenant tariff is changed.

All data from each user or dwelling is accessible via the cloud accumulating every half hour. It is advisable for tenants to ensure they do not allow the meter credit to completely expire as it may take up to 30 minutes for power to be restored.

There is no PC software to load or app - just login to your web account to examine usage records and each users account status. Likewise at the user level, your tenant's own payment and usage history is available for them to inspect or to top up their credit. If for any reason they are unable to pay, emergency credit can be made available through the onsite keypad using an emergency code.

At installation the system is pre-set to your WiFi or modem router, if desired, the system can be run in neutral mode until you and your tenants are fully acquainted. This however is seldom necessary.











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