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Tech` reluctant tenant

Alternative payment methods can be deployed: direct payment to the landlord, on receipt the LL can update the payment ledger. An administration fee to the tenant is justifiable if desired. The LL can also authorise BuyLec to do it.

The tenant is out of money

No problem, as above; if friends or family won't pay (by their web access) the tenant can enter their PIN into the meter keypad for emergency credit (LL variable).

Variable holiday let tariffs required.

Yes, each user separately at any time, to any amount from your usual web access.

New tenant arrives old one leaves

They just make a payment - simple, no account application. Any balance on departing account can be refunded. For holiday lets eg caravan parks, hotel rooms etc, the balance can be zeroed.

Tenant has bad credit history / no plastic.

Not uncommon, they just need an income - they can either pay the LL directly with your own informal arrangement or persuade friend or family etc to do so.

Tenant disputes bill.

You (& they) can access the audit trail of hourly usage for historical analysis of the disputed amount/time.

Can it control more than one tariff?

Yes, many configurations are possible, there may be a setup fee.

Add additional accounts?

Not a problem, meter groups are up to 16.

What are the fees?
A small percentage of consumption and cheaper than cards or other systems.
What if the internet is down?

The system will continue recording electrical consumption. If the user's credit expires, an emergency credit code can be entered using the 'key block' situated at a convenient point in the building. The emergency power used during the down time will be off-set against their account when normal service resumes.

Can the system be bypassed?

If this is a probability the components can be sited in a secure remote location and usage monitored. User access to the meter is unnecessary.

Tenant uses a magnet to corrupt the meter.

Errors would alert the administrator. Such behaviour patterns are not available to card or coin systems - just the result. (also as above)

Stolen credit card.

If this was suspected the LL could zero credit and switch off supply. All payment information is available for your retention to you at the instant of the transaction.

Fraud / Hacking

You the operator will have daily kWh figures to compare with your independent supplier ensuring electricity can not be stolen or bypassed. Credit card payments are through the card company as used by all major web systems. No other system has this level of scrutiny available to the administrator.

PrePay unnecessary, tenant is trustworthy.

Change meter mode to credit : monthly or set upper usage limit.















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